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The input field below acepts various Tibetan transliteration inputs in order to convert them to dbu can graphics, dbu can unicode or transliteration output. If you don't know the Tibetan spelling, use the Online English-Tibetan dictionary.

brtson 'grus
tshe ring
bkra shis bde legs/ (This is how to transliterate 'Tashi deleg')
oM maNi padme h'uM hr'i:
oM t'a re tutt'a re tu re sw'a h'a

BRTZON 'GRUS (note the difference: TZ vs. ts)
TSE RING (note the difference: TS vs. tsh)
more examples: Names

Native Tibetans may convert transliterated material into Tibetan native alphabet. Use the "text area" input field. You can paste the contents from other pages here.
You search Tibetan texts? Use the unicode output and paste the result as a search term into your favourite search engine.
Before sending unicode by e-mail, make sure that the recipient has a Tibetan unicode font installed. If in doubt, use the graphical output.
Computer assisted translation of ACIP texts: set "Transliteration input" to "ACIP" and Transliteration output to "Wylie". A link to THDL, containing your text, will be prowided in this toolbox.

If you need translation and spelling help, try the following links

If you want to write Tibetan in unicode, try my virtual keyboard
Technical note: Graphics output is limited to 8000 characters of transliteration input.